Visa Services

Visa Services

Getting travel visa is a complicated and lengthy process, that takes much time and efforts and if you value your time it is better to entrust it to professionals.

If you are new expat in Canada and need to go to Europe most probably you must get Schengen visa. You may start the process at Same goes with visiting the United States. Before going you must apply and pass interview at the US Consulate in order to get US visa.

Canadian from the other hand do not need visa to Western Europe yet, but they need visas to some other countries, like China, for example. You may not need to obtain visa only if you are in transit and use Chinese 144 hour transit visa on your way to any third country. In all other cases you must apply for China visa in advance. You may engage for this either international agency, specialized Chinese firm or ask your local Toronto China visa specialist to help you with visa.

Russia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand are among the countries where Canadian need to obtain entry visas in advance.

And if you travel with a kid it is wise to get a child trip permit before the trip to avoid any kind of issues at boarding planes and crossing the borders. This can be easily accomplished by calling North York Notary Public.

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