Travel Bucket List for after COVID-19

Travel Bucket List
After Covid-19 Bucket List!

Look, sooner rather than later this virus evaporates and all of us after sitting at home for so long will be looking for places to travel to. We have compiled a list of destinations that may be of interest. With our low cost bookings and visa services, like Schengen visa and New Zealand visa you will get the best packages with less efforts.

So, here is the list:

Epidaurus, Greece

Ten years prior we were at Epidaurus, and each alternated to slip to the ensemble and read from Sophocles or Euripides – among the most shrewd scholars ever. It’s been a fierce 10 years for Greece and for us. At the point when the virus pandemic has settled, it is acceptable to return to and help ourselves to remember a portion of the unceasing insight and delights.

Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2013 I visited Christchurch, a city gradually rising up out of the emergency of the 2011 seismic tremors. Things seemed typical until you saw the breaks, chipper edges and skewed lintels. The shower paint from the salvage groups was as yet noticeable on shops; the vacant white seats, one for each life lost, stood thoughtfully in the middle, and the excellent house of God was fenced off in decay. Be that as it may, the energetic Re:start shopping center and its outside the box shops, chilled buskers, Lego-decorated espresso lodges and rainbow window boxes were the primary indications of the strength of this bohemian city. In a period where we have to concentrate on recuperation and a more promising time to come, I anticipate seeing what Christchurch becomes. Note that from 2019 Canadians need electronic visa to travel to New Zealand. But do not worry, it is in electronic format, so you do not need to go anywhere or surrender your passport. Just fill New Zealand on-line visa application form, pay the fee and get the visa in your email box in 2 days.

Brittany, France

Sainte-Marine, near Combrit, is a stunning part of Brittany. We went there on a family holiday in 2017, driving through Normandy, staying in Honfleur and Rennes on the way. We rented a cottage about 1500 feet from the sea and 5 minutes walk from the village centre. Sainte-Marine boasts a beautiful harbor, a patisserie and lots of fabulous harbor-front restaurants where you can sip a glass of local cider, gorge on moules et frites and people-watch to your heart’s content. The beach is stunning, with amazing walks around the coast.

Monschau at Eifel mountains, Germany

Among the most delightful pieces of Germany is the Eifel mountains (a continuation of the Ardennes), including the lovely town of Monschau. Thirty kilometers south of Aachen, an hour from Cologne and exactly at the Belgian fringe, it’s enchanting, with its half-timbered and record houses. The Rur (not Ruhr) waterway streams past those, and exhibition halls clarify draperies (the Red House), just as the creation of mustard and lager. There are trips to the Rur boundary lake in summer and to the laborers’ life historical center in Lammersdorf.

Florence, Italy


There is no place like Florence. Make the trek up to the Piazzale Michelangelo, gathering bread, cheddar, and wine from the astounding business sector first. At that point head down to wonder about the Duomo, and walk the boulevards searching for the Medici balls on the structures. No excursion would be finished without a visit to David. Transforming into the long room and seeing the statue toward the end basically blows your mind. Indeed, even in the jam-packed lanes and the exhibition halls, you feel absolutely alone with excellence.

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