Summer Vacation in Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve

This summer travel is trashed due to the pandemic, but be inspired and prepare yourself for a future trip to Kenya.

Our journey starts upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We are taken to the hotel where we spend our first night in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. Be sure that you have received a Kenya tourist visa. The city is crowded during the day and noisy especially from the traffic. But the uptown of Nairobi is a bit calm and the perfect place for your rest.

Early the next morning we start our safari to Masai Mara national park. Kabiro is our driver and guide in the next 3 days we will be in Masai Mara. Our drive takes us to the south along the floor of the Great Rift Valley with wonderful scenery and a perfect place to take lots of pictures. We take a break at Narok Town for our lunch and then climb the western wall entering Hemmingway’s Country of the “Serengeti Plains”. We arrive in Masai mara late afternoon in Masai mara with a game drive along the way before arriving at the campsite where we spend the night. The campsite is so amazing since we are sleeping in self-contained tents with electricity and shower inside, who could imagine that in a bush unless it was a lodge. Kudus to the Olympia Travel agency.

We later join other travelers for a campfire and some entertainment by the Maasai villagers, ooh what a wonderful way to retire for bed. But sure you would like to share that wonderful photos you have taken during the day with your loved ones at home. For this you would need a pocket wifi which ensures your Internet connection in this areas of the world.

Early the next morning after superb heavy breakfast we leave for a morning game drive in the park. Our guide makes a joke that we are going hunting but we should not use guns but our cameras. What I loved during the game drive was the cooperation between all the drivers who were in the park, the way they could communicate with each other on the radio on the exact spot where the animals were and where there was a hunt. It was so good, because this way we were able to see many animals and I guess it was also our lucky day because we saw a cheetah on the hunt. It killed an antelope and unfortunately a crowd of hyenas came and chased the cheetah away and enjoyed the meal. how unfortunate, but I guess is the way to survive. Our driver told us that it was our lucky day to witness the hunt, we took lots and lots of photos.

After our full day game drive, our driver takes us to the Masai village where we make a stop and learn on their culture , ways of living and the food they eat. Their houses which are commonly known as the manyattas are pretty small but the Masai are proud of there ways of living. We had a chance to get some beautiful Masai souvenirs, what a day.

We headed back to the campsite for some freshening up and later had a wonderful African dinner which was prepared on a special request by our host. It was a meal of Ugali and fried goat meat. We later join the campfire and interact with others then retire for bed.

On the third day our driver picks us up for a morning game drive after breakfast which lasted up to 11.00 o’clock in the morning. I am sorry to say this, but the trip ends here. We later arrive back in Nairobi in the late afternoon for lunch. Lunch in Nairobi restaurants is fairer in price compared to eating in the hotel. We are later joined by our host Nancy and she gives us this wonderful surprise of taking us to carnivore restaurant to wind up our trip with dinner there. Wow, the dinner was great, they have a different range of bush meat, and choma was perfect. After this wonderful dinner, we left for the airport. Asante sana Kenya and I will surely come back for more days.

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