Short list of what to see in Antalya

Sunset at Antalya Beach
Amazing sunset view at one of Antalya beaches

Antalya is a Mideterranian resort city and area of Turkey.

Kaleiçi is a beautiful old town with narrow streets in the center of Antalya;
Antalya Marina – located in the center of the city, very picturesque;
Karaalioglu Park, a beautifully landscaped park with a panoramic view, also centrally located;
Lower Düden Falls – located in the Lara district, can be reached from the center by KL08 bus, cost 2.75₺/person. The waterfall is very impressive, I recommend a visit;
Lara Beach is an ordinary beach, nothing special. There are a lot of high-rise buildings, few cafes/bars/restaurants, chain stores, no trash cans, trash lying around everywhere in Lara area;
Sandland – located in the Lara district, fenced, entrance fee 24₺/person. There are slits in the fence where you can peep for free;
Konyaalti Beach is a picturesque pebble beach with clear water (assigned blue flag). Konyaalti area itself is landscaped, clean with low-rise buildings.

If you plan to visit Antalya you need to get an electronic entry visa called Turkey e-visa. Without it you are unable to enter Turkey. Most common way of getting there from Canada is to fly from Toronto or Vancouver to Istanbul (the capital of Turkey) and take a 1 hour flight from there to the city of Antalya.


Where you may travel from Aug 01, 2020

Rwanda travel visa

The so-called second wave of the coronavirus has fortunately frightened not all the countries worldwide. Some of them, unlike cautious Europeans, still plans to reopen flight connections, normalize business activities, and renew tourism. For instance, the Philippines are opening their borders on August 1st for the foreigners with long-term visas, though no new visas will be issued yet. They will also have to find and book accommodation for the quarantine period and arrange a COVID-19 test.

Sri Lanka is going to start welcoming guests on August 15th, if the epidemiological situation does not worsen. The authorities are still discussing the rules of organizing guests’ leisure activities since, as they claim that “during their stay on the island tourists are to be tested for coronavirus three or four times”. In addition to this questionable prospect, tourists can also be put off by the introduction of a 100$ fee for an electronic visa. The government explains the renewal of this duty by the need to fund new safety protocols.

Seychelles has confirmed their intention to open commercial flights fromAugust 1st. Passengers, going to the islands, must provide booking for the whole period of stay as well as a negative COVID-19 test certificate, received within three days before the flight, and upon the arrival, they will be temperature screened and will have to fill out forms. In case of showing any symptoms, they will have to undergo an express test.

Those who are thinking of going to Africa for a safari will have an opportunity to visit Rwanda from the next month. Regular international flights are to be renewed from August 1st there. There at the arrival travelers will also have to show negative virus tests of up to three days old, and after the arrival, they will need to have another test made, stay in isolation and wait for its result for a day, all at their own expense. At the same time, national parks are already open to tourists.

In the very heart of Polynesia – on Tahiti – foreign visitors have been welcomed since July 15th. The quarantine is not required but a three-day negative COVID-19 test result certificate, a PCR test only, is compulsory. To get permission for a flight, passengers must fill out a form in French Polynesia’s Electronic Travel Information System (ETIS) and get confirmation to be produced before boarding the plane. In addition, tourists need to have booked accommodation as well as a leisure program. It is interesting that all visitors will be given an express test kit that is to be taken individually on the fourth day of the stay, and its results are to be submitted to a local medical center.


Portuguese Church in Kolkata

Portuguese Church in Kolkata

We are both tired already but we still a few places to see, we walked a lot already but we can’t find the Holy Rosary Cathedral. We asked a local and he is able to help us the street where we could find it, we ended in one old church but my husband says it is not the cathedral we are looking so we continue walking in a narrow street, there’s a lot of street vendor which means we are almost there.

We found the cathedral after passing a lot of street vendors, we are not able to take a good picture because there’s a lot of cars parked around the church.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary is founded in 1797 which commonly known as the Portuguese Church, in Kolkata, is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta.

The cathedral has a decorated pediment, flanked on either side by two domed towers, and an extended portico with arched entranceway. Behind the altar, there are the figures of Madonna and Child. The remains of the first Archbishop of Calcutta lie below the altar.

To visit India book your flight and hotel beforehand to get a good rate. And also do not forget about the travel visa.


Summer Vacation in Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve

This summer travel is trashed due to the pandemic, but be inspired and prepare yourself for a future trip to Kenya.

Our journey starts upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We are taken to the hotel where we spend our first night in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. Be sure that you have received a Kenya tourist visa. The city is crowded during the day and noisy especially from the traffic. But the uptown of Nairobi is a bit calm and the perfect place for your rest.

Early the next morning we start our safari to Masai Mara national park. Kabiro is our driver and guide in the next 3 days we will be in Masai Mara. Our drive takes us to the south along the floor of the Great Rift Valley with wonderful scenery and a perfect place to take lots of pictures. We take a break at Narok Town for our lunch and then climb the western wall entering Hemmingway’s Country of the “Serengeti Plains”. We arrive in Masai mara late afternoon in Masai mara with a game drive along the way before arriving at the campsite where we spend the night. The campsite is so amazing since we are sleeping in self-contained tents with electricity and shower inside, who could imagine that in a bush unless it was a lodge. Kudus to the Olympia Travel agency.

We later join other travelers for a campfire and some entertainment by the Maasai villagers, ooh what a wonderful way to retire for bed. But sure you would like to share that wonderful photos you have taken during the day with your loved ones at home. For this you would need a pocket wifi which ensures your Internet connection in this areas of the world.

Early the next morning after superb heavy breakfast we leave for a morning game drive in the park. Our guide makes a joke that we are going hunting but we should not use guns but our cameras. What I loved during the game drive was the cooperation between all the drivers who were in the park, the way they could communicate with each other on the radio on the exact spot where the animals were and where there was a hunt. It was so good, because this way we were able to see many animals and I guess it was also our lucky day because we saw a cheetah on the hunt. It killed an antelope and unfortunately a crowd of hyenas came and chased the cheetah away and enjoyed the meal. how unfortunate, but I guess is the way to survive. Our driver told us that it was our lucky day to witness the hunt, we took lots and lots of photos.

After our full day game drive, our driver takes us to the Masai village where we make a stop and learn on their culture , ways of living and the food they eat. Their houses which are commonly known as the manyattas are pretty small but the Masai are proud of there ways of living. We had a chance to get some beautiful Masai souvenirs, what a day.

We headed back to the campsite for some freshening up and later had a wonderful African dinner which was prepared on a special request by our host. It was a meal of Ugali and fried goat meat. We later join the campfire and interact with others then retire for bed.

On the third day our driver picks us up for a morning game drive after breakfast which lasted up to 11.00 o’clock in the morning. I am sorry to say this, but the trip ends here. We later arrive back in Nairobi in the late afternoon for lunch. Lunch in Nairobi restaurants is fairer in price compared to eating in the hotel. We are later joined by our host Nancy and she gives us this wonderful surprise of taking us to carnivore restaurant to wind up our trip with dinner there. Wow, the dinner was great, they have a different range of bush meat, and choma was perfect. After this wonderful dinner, we left for the airport. Asante sana Kenya and I will surely come back for more days.


Travel Bucket List for after COVID-19

Travel Bucket List
After Covid-19 Bucket List!

Look, sooner rather than later this virus evaporates and all of us after sitting at home for so long will be looking for places to travel to. We have compiled a list of destinations that may be of interest. With our low cost bookings and visa services, like Schengen visa and New Zealand visa you will get the best packages with less efforts.

So, here is the list:

Epidaurus, Greece

Ten years prior we were at Epidaurus, and each alternated to slip to the ensemble and read from Sophocles or Euripides – among the most shrewd scholars ever. It’s been a fierce 10 years for Greece and for us. At the point when the virus pandemic has settled, it is acceptable to return to and help ourselves to remember a portion of the unceasing insight and delights.

Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2013 I visited Christchurch, a city gradually rising up out of the emergency of the 2011 seismic tremors. Things seemed typical until you saw the breaks, chipper edges and skewed lintels. The shower paint from the salvage groups was as yet noticeable on shops; the vacant white seats, one for each life lost, stood thoughtfully in the middle, and the excellent house of God was fenced off in decay. Be that as it may, the energetic Re:start shopping center and its outside the box shops, chilled buskers, Lego-decorated espresso lodges and rainbow window boxes were the primary indications of the strength of this bohemian city. In a period where we have to concentrate on recuperation and a more promising time to come, I anticipate seeing what Christchurch becomes. Note that from 2019 Canadians need electronic visa to travel to New Zealand. But do not worry, it is in electronic format, so you do not need to go anywhere or surrender your passport. Just fill New Zealand on-line visa application form, pay the fee and get the visa in your email box in 2 days.

Brittany, France

Sainte-Marine, near Combrit, is a stunning part of Brittany. We went there on a family holiday in 2017, driving through Normandy, staying in Honfleur and Rennes on the way. We rented a cottage about 1500 feet from the sea and 5 minutes walk from the village centre. Sainte-Marine boasts a beautiful harbor, a patisserie and lots of fabulous harbor-front restaurants where you can sip a glass of local cider, gorge on moules et frites and people-watch to your heart’s content. The beach is stunning, with amazing walks around the coast.

Monschau at Eifel mountains, Germany

Among the most delightful pieces of Germany is the Eifel mountains (a continuation of the Ardennes), including the lovely town of Monschau. Thirty kilometers south of Aachen, an hour from Cologne and exactly at the Belgian fringe, it’s enchanting, with its half-timbered and record houses. The Rur (not Ruhr) waterway streams past those, and exhibition halls clarify draperies (the Red House), just as the creation of mustard and lager. There are trips to the Rur boundary lake in summer and to the laborers’ life historical center in Lammersdorf.

Florence, Italy


There is no place like Florence. Make the trek up to the Piazzale Michelangelo, gathering bread, cheddar, and wine from the astounding business sector first. At that point head down to wonder about the Duomo, and walk the boulevards searching for the Medici balls on the structures. No excursion would be finished without a visit to David. Transforming into the long room and seeing the statue toward the end basically blows your mind. Indeed, even in the jam-packed lanes and the exhibition halls, you feel absolutely alone with excellence.

If you are not a Canadian passport holder you need to get a visa to Schengen zone called Schengen visa. This may be easily done by engaging

Low cost offers on flights and hotels in Europe and other parts of the world may be obtained from our travel page.


Importance of Travel Insurance

Schengen visa travel insuranceGet the Best Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

When traveling or moving abroad, it is vital that an expat is properly advised concerning the selection of travel insurance plans, income protection cover, term life, personal accident, international health insurance and trip cancellation coverage, dental or maternity plans offshore by a professional independent advisor.  You need and deserve a choice of insurance plans that gives you the best advice on both benefits and premiums as well as area of cover needed.

International Health & Medical Insurance for Schengen visa

You have a need for health insurance coverage that will cover you worldwide. Maybe you are moving to a new country, or you travel extensively, or you simply want the option to seek medical care anywhere in the world should the need arise. This class of policies are designed like US PPO plans offering up to US$5,000,000 in medical and emergency evacuation benefits. These plans are annually renewable, meaning that once you qualify, you can continue the coverage indefinitely.  In some cases of international travel insurance policy is a condition of getting travel visa. More so when you travel to Europe. Schengen visa is issued only if you have a policy with certain conditions. This relates to travel visa to France, travel visa to Spain, travel visa to Italy, travel visa to Germany, travel visa to Portugal, etc.

Travel Health Insurance

When traveling outside of your home country you are exposed to many risks that might not be covered by your health insurance plan. Additionally, if you get injured or become very ill, you will appreciate the assistance that is provided when you are covered by a policy from a reputable company. Plans are available to cover you from as little as 7 days up to 3 years or more. Click here for more information.

Trip Cancellation / Travel Protection Coverage

You are looking for a plan that covers most things for short trips (usually up to 30 days in length). The benefits usually included in this kind of coverage are: trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical/dental, flight accident, lost baggage, travel delay and more. Click here for more information.

Specialty Travel Insurance Coverage

You are looking for a specific type of travel coverage like: flight accident, Collision Damage Waiver for a rental car, or medical evacuation coverage. You are not interested in buying an all inclusive plan. Click here for more information on getting the best travel insurance.


How To Buy A Timeshare Cheap Or Simply Not Buy At All Review

Arizona timeshares

Timeshare – to buy or pass by?

Timeshare property sounds attractive, after all the thought of relaxing in a luxury resort for seven nights every year seems like the perfect deal. Traditionally owning any kind of property usually would mean that your investment is going to bring you a return. Unfortunately, with timeshare property this is not typically the case.

If a luxury resort was a good investment, then doesn’t it seem inconsistent that you would get it at a cheap price. Timeshare presentations often are very high pressure events with a take no prisoner mentality by the salespeople. In other words, they expected at the end of their presentation you’re going to either pull your credit card or your check book.

Timeshare properties that go for low prices typically have very low resale value and yet

can still come with extremely expensive maintenance fees. Even if the resort seems like a location you would like to spend your holiday remember that it’s not a one-time deal. Every year that you use your resort it’s been a be at the very same spot on the planet. Some resort offerings may allow you to trade your week with another resort member but even still that can be a real nuisance and does not guarantee that you get your holidays to coincide with the same week that you have access to the resort.

Timeshare properties can have maintenance fees that range anywhere from $500 per year to over $2000 regardless of your using your timeshare property. When you do the math, it’s easy to see how a $20,000 resort property can cost you $40,000 or even $60,000 in just 20 years. So why you got a great price on the resort on the front and you’re going to pay through the nose after you’ve purchased.

So the best bet for you is to pass by. Book your flight and hotel, prepare for the trip. In case you travel to the country that requires travel visa, like Russia for example, do not forget to apply for Russian visa.

In recent years we have seen extreme weather patterns that have destroyed many resort properties. So if you decide to buy a resort property, it would be wise for you to make sure that you’re not can a foot the bill for rebuilding due to a severe storm.


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