Where you may travel from Aug 01, 2020

Rwanda travel visa

The so-called second wave of the coronavirus has fortunately frightened not all the countries worldwide. Some of them, unlike cautious Europeans, still plans to reopen flight connections, normalize business activities, and renew tourism. For instance, the Philippines are opening their borders on August 1st for the foreigners with long-term visas, though no new visas will be issued yet. They will also have to find and book accommodation for the quarantine period and arrange a COVID-19 test.

Sri Lanka is going to start welcoming guests on August 15th, if the epidemiological situation does not worsen. The authorities are still discussing the rules of organizing guests’ leisure activities since, as they claim that “during their stay on the island tourists are to be tested for coronavirus three or four times”. In addition to this questionable prospect, tourists can also be put off by the introduction of a 100$ fee for an electronic visa. The government explains the renewal of this duty by the need to fund new safety protocols.

Seychelles has confirmed their intention to open commercial flights fromAugust 1st. Passengers, going to the islands, must provide booking for the whole period of stay as well as a negative COVID-19 test certificate, received within three days before the flight, and upon the arrival, they will be temperature screened and will have to fill out forms. In case of showing any symptoms, they will have to undergo an express test.

Those who are thinking of going to Africa for a safari will have an opportunity to visit Rwanda from the next month. Regular international flights are to be renewed from August 1st there. There at the arrival travelers will also have to show negative virus tests of up to three days old, and after the arrival, they will need to have another test made, stay in isolation and wait for its result for a day, all at their own expense. At the same time, national parks are already open to tourists.

In the very heart of Polynesia – on Tahiti – foreign visitors have been welcomed since July 15th. The quarantine is not required but a three-day negative COVID-19 test result certificate, a PCR test only, is compulsory. To get permission for a flight, passengers must fill out a form in French Polynesia’s Electronic Travel Information System (ETIS) and get confirmation to be produced before boarding the plane. In addition, tourists need to have booked accommodation as well as a leisure program. It is interesting that all visitors will be given an express test kit that is to be taken individually on the fourth day of the stay, and its results are to be submitted to a local medical center.


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