Portuguese Church in Kolkata

Portuguese Church in Kolkata

We are both tired already but we still a few places to see, we walked a lot already but we can’t find the Holy Rosary Cathedral. We asked a local and he is able to help us the street where we could find it, we ended in one old church but my husband says it is not the cathedral we are looking so we continue walking in a narrow street, there’s a lot of street vendor which means we are almost there.

We found the cathedral after passing a lot of street vendors, we are not able to take a good picture because there’s a lot of cars parked around the church.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary is founded in 1797 which commonly known as the Portuguese Church, in Kolkata, is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta.

The cathedral has a decorated pediment, flanked on either side by two domed towers, and an extended portico with arched entranceway. Behind the altar, there are the figures of Madonna and Child. The remains of the first Archbishop of Calcutta lie below the altar.

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