Importance of Travel Insurance

Schengen visa travel insuranceGet the Best Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

When traveling or moving abroad, it is vital that an expat is properly advised concerning the selection of travel insurance plans, income protection cover, term life, personal accident, international health insurance and trip cancellation coverage, dental or maternity plans offshore by a professional independent advisor.  You need and deserve a choice of insurance plans that gives you the best advice on both benefits and premiums as well as area of cover needed.

International Health & Medical Insurance for Schengen visa

You have a need for health insurance coverage that will cover you worldwide. Maybe you are moving to a new country, or you travel extensively, or you simply want the option to seek medical care anywhere in the world should the need arise. This class of policies are designed like US PPO plans offering up to US$5,000,000 in medical and emergency evacuation benefits. These plans are annually renewable, meaning that once you qualify, you can continue the coverage indefinitely.  In some cases of international travel insurance policy is a condition of getting travel visa. More so when you travel to Europe. Schengen visa is issued only if you have a policy with certain conditions. This relates to travel visa to France, travel visa to Spain, travel visa to Italy, travel visa to Germany, travel visa to Portugal, etc.

Travel Health Insurance

When traveling outside of your home country you are exposed to many risks that might not be covered by your health insurance plan. Additionally, if you get injured or become very ill, you will appreciate the assistance that is provided when you are covered by a policy from a reputable company. Plans are available to cover you from as little as 7 days up to 3 years or more. Click here for more information.

Trip Cancellation / Travel Protection Coverage

You are looking for a plan that covers most things for short trips (usually up to 30 days in length). The benefits usually included in this kind of coverage are: trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical/dental, flight accident, lost baggage, travel delay and more. Click here for more information.

Specialty Travel Insurance Coverage

You are looking for a specific type of travel coverage like: flight accident, Collision Damage Waiver for a rental car, or medical evacuation coverage. You are not interested in buying an all inclusive plan. Click here for more information on getting the best travel insurance.


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